Speechless Moments

Speechless Moments

Losing my parents 26 days apart? Well, if that's not a cruel twist of fate, I don't know what is. It's like the universe decided to challenge my vocabulary just when I needed it most. But let's be real, when life serves up a double scoop of grief, words take a vacation to Bermuda, leaving you with a dictionary-sized void.

So, picture this: I'm sitting across from my best friend, who's got this look of sympathy plastered on her beautiful face, and she starts with the classic, "I'm so sorry for your loss." And there I am, trying not to chuckle, thinking, "Loss? This ain't a lost sock, it's a lost universe!" Now, back to the heart-to-heart. We've all been there, right? Staring at someone we care about, and the words are playing hide-and-seek like expert-level ninjas. It's like they're in the Witness Protection Program, and you're left there fumbling over your words and suddenly have developed a speech impediment. Or maybe it's that audacious request you're about to make. You know, the one that could change your life forever. But the fear of that dreaded 'no' has your stomach doing gymnastics.

Your vocal cords have suddenly turned into spaghetti noodles, and you're more linguini than conversationalist.

And then there's grief. Oh, grief. It's like an emotional hurricane, and you're just trying to string together a coherent sentence in the midst of it. It's like trying to teach a cat to sing opera. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

But here's the deal: it's okay to feel lost in those moments. In vulnerability, we find our humanity. It's like the universe's way of saying, "Hey, remember, you're human, and it's okay not to have it all figured out."

So, here are some strategies to help you when words are playing hard to get:

1. Let Silence Do the Talking:

Think of it as a game of emotional charades. Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. Just hold their hand or share a quiet moment.

 2. Write It Out:

Grab a pen and let your inner Shakespeare loose on paper. You don't have to share it, but it's like a therapy session for your soul.

 3. Put Yourself in Their Shoes:

Empathy is your secret weapon. Step into their world, see things from their perspective, and the right words might just stroll in.

4. Metaphors and Analogies:

When words fail, use metaphors or analogies. It's like turning your feelings into a Picasso painting.

 5. Let Your Body Talk:

Your body is a chatterbox. Use gestures, expressions, and body language to convey what's in your heart.

6. Lean on a Friend:

Friends are like emotional backup generators. Talk it through with someone you trust; they might just hand you the words you're missing.

So, let's embrace those moments of vulnerability. Life's most profound connections often happen when words take a coffee break.

And remember, bold conversations and audacious asks can be life's greatest plot twists. Let's create a world where authenticity and vulnerability are the stars of the show.

Where silence is the standing ovation, and our connections are a masterpiece painted with courage. Thanks for sharing this moment with me. May you find the strength to have those heart-to-heart conversations that can change your life and the lives of those you cherish. And if words fail you, just remember, laughter is the universal language, even in the face of life's cruelest punchlines.

One of my parent's engagement photos for good measure