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From the outside, maybe your life looks pretty perfect to other people. But I think many of us sit down in the quiet once that chaos calms and the busyness slows and find ourselves asking deeper questions like “Am I really fulfilled in the work I am doing?” or “Is what I’m doing enough?” and we desire more or better for ourselves & the good we are doing in this world.

Our impact can start to feel small in our own eyes, or our jobs can start to feel “less than enough,” and that can spiral into all kinds of what in the actual f@$% am I doing thoughts.

So let’s calm down and get rooted together in this edition of Unraveled, where we talk about feeling worthy of all the goodness and success in the world, and I mean really frigging feel it.

Learning to feel worthy is no easy feat. On the surface, it can feel self-absorbed or maybe like, who am I to deserve great success (whatever your definition is)? Wanting great things for yourself, your family, and your career is not a bad thing. But to ask for more and better from the company you work for, for your business, or in your relationships starts with you, my friend.

Are you stealing your own thunder?

Have you ever had an incredible opportunity present itself, and you slam the door in its face or procrastinate in every way fathomable just to avoid responding? You have no idea why you are huddled up in the closet with a walkie-talkie, acting as if this is a hostage situation, and your assailant is in the other room making threats, when in reality, the front door is wide open and no negotiations need to happen at all except for the one with yourself to get up and walk past the imaginary monster in your living room waving a gun. Yes, this is a dramatic picture I painted, but hello! We all do crap like this and self-sabotage our potential.

“When great things show up on our doorstep – relationships, jobs, or even hard-earned successes – we can block these things from growing to their full potential if we secretly feel unworthy.”  

The Roadblocks

The things that get in the way can range from your own inner critic, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, or old thinking and upbringing. Each of these roadblocks alone could be its own entire write-up if I’m being honest.

What I want you to do is pick one of these areas or identify which area holds you back the most. For me personally, it’s a combination of my inner “Mean Girl” voice, imposter syndrome to a certain extent, and being raised very conservatively. You see, I was raised by parents whose own parents lived through the Great Depression. Mom and Dad were of the get a good, safe job, benefits, and a 401k and work until you retire and accept what you have (good or bad). I was raised to be humble and graciously accept what has been given to me, put my head down, and work. Working hard started with a paper route at seven years old, you want it, you will work for it. I can say I’m so blessed to have this work ethic engrained in me, but it also closed off my brain to the idea of being an entrepreneur or taking risks easily.

Maybe your inner voice says things like “I am not___________enough.” Pretty enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, etc.

 I’ve provided some resources below that can help you if you want to take a deeper dive on Imposter Syndrome, Knowing Yourself Better, & How to Stop Feeling Unworthy if you want to dive deeper into the areas that are holding you back.

How to Feel Worthy of Your Success

Feeling worthy starts with first acknowledging all that you are feeling. Identifying this problem of unworthiness is not the same thing as giving in to it. In fact, doing so eliminates its power!

It’s time to start replacing some of those inner negative thoughts & comparisons with “I AM” statements.

One last action you can take is to be genuinely proud of who you are, what you can do, and where you have already improved. It's massively important to remind yourself of the things that make you talented, strong, compassionate, and more.

My friends, there are so many things that could be said on this topic, but I don’t want to get too deep and lose you, what I do want for you is to get your wheels turning when it comes to how you feel when you sit in the quiet, how you respond to new opportunities, and the dialogue you are using to yourself and start to tap into how worthy you truly feel. Because you can appear confident as all get out, and you can truly love yourself and still struggle with feeling worthy of success, whatever roadblock is in the way.

We will close with this lovely quote:

I hope beautiful things happen to you, and when they do, I hope you can believe that you are worthy of every single one of them.

F.E. Marie


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