Competently Lost

Competently Lost

“Gosh, I feel so lost,” she echoed to herself. 

“I know I've come a long way in my career, made some damn good money, I'd consider myself successful, and others might even look up to me, I suppose, but damn I’m wandering in the woods without a map!”

This is the quiet whisper that she keeps hearing in her mind. She knows she was made for MORE! She is and was me, and I know many can relate. 

If this sounds anything like you, you've come to the right place! 

We become so numb in the corporate world. Numb to emotions, how we really feel, and the reasons we got into our chosen careers in the first place. 

Over time we become trained to speak a certain way, sit a bit straighter, change our tone, and use our best “Harvard Voice” to fit in and feel important or simply understood. 

My own journey has mainly been in the healthcare space for the past 16 years. I've been on the clinical side, the sales side, and now I am a business owner. The lessons I've learned have all led me to today, where I know it's time to unlearn and unravel some of those lessons to help those in search of finding themselves and uncover their OWN voice in the corporate world.

The purpose of this newsletter is to give you permission to be you. We will share how to express your voice in a corporately correct (CC) way and unlock the expression of who you are to reach people in a way unique to you. 

Don't worry it won't be “wooey” and feel-good fake. It will be the real stuff we face from a vulnerable and experienced POV. 

We will talk about anything from losing people we love, starting small, owning your s***, not sucking at sales, sharing your expertise, and simply becoming. 

Becoming the person and professional you were meant to be all along. 

Welcome to unraveled; come one and come all. Let's unlearn some old corporate ways and learn together as we untangle some deep topics together. 

I’m so glad you're here, my friends. 



PS: These newsletters will be the opposite of perfect. They will be candid and raw and intended to serve someone still seeking greatness (psst we all are).