Back-Burner Blip

Back-Burner Blip

Sometimes we feel invisible in our careers. Always striving, searching, and climbing to new heights in our minds while we are still in the same position we were in yesterday. Sitting, staring at a screen, or mindlessly going about the tasks at hand with our dreams becoming a mere blip on the radar in the back of our minds or a “someday wouldn’t that be nice” reality.

It nags and pulls at us once we get quiet enough to listen, and we so desperately wish to make that voice louder or at the forefront of our minds, not a back burner afterthought.

We sit and wait, thinking the next piece of media will go viral. The next time I hit quota, they will finally recognize just how valuable I am. If I grind another 5 years (nose in the sand), I might get promoted if…if…if.

And my friends, I have news for you.

Yes, hard work and experience are necessary to build out your core competencies. But the reality is-that many of us already now have those competencies down like a science and levering up to the next rung on the ladder (our dreams)-somehow feels like a disparate chasm stands between us and that reality. A Grand Canyon-sized gap…yet you know that if you don’t start closing that gap or building a bridge to get to that next point, you will still be sitting where you are today years from now—searching, scanning, and simulating that dream.

So how exactly can you start making that blip on your radar bigger? How can you get closer?

You will inevitably need to continue going through the current motions to make a paycheck. Do not stop, drop, and roll everything up and say fuck it “I’m going for it.” That’s shit advice. Stay the course while you navigate your dreams.

But start to build them out and gain some clarity surrounding them. You have to be able to envision that future you. Close your eyes and step into what that would look like and feel like. And start to allow yourself a chance to write the new dialogue (even if it’s just in your head).

Then, drill down on your purpose and intention a bit more. I do this by asking why THREE times.

Here is an example using this newsletter.

Why 1: Why do I want to share this specific message?

Answer: Because I left my own dreams on the back burner way the crap too long, and I don’t want others to do the same.

Why 2: Why don’t I want others to do the same?

Answer: Because I see so many dreams people have that reside in deep dark caverns, never to surface.

Why 3: Why do we leave our dreams on hold for so long?

Answer: Because life happens, divorce happens, deaths happen, and our dreams feel so out of reach or not right, right now.

This is one example of asking the three whys. You can use it in literally any scenario, and I promise it will help you in gaining clarity yourself. And it will also help you set intentions for the work you create.

As you start to get clearer on what those dreams could look like, and get intentional in each and every agenda you will begin to lay out the blueprint for the dreams of your future.

So, for this newsletter, I will leave it sweet and simple. Do NOT leave your dreams on that back burner. Start working to gain clarity and your actions, and be more intentional with each action you take by asking why three times.

These steps won’t make all your dreams come true, but they will raise your awareness and hopefully create a pause for you.

One that will make you go, “Huh, why am I building this work relationship?” Why, deep down, are you doing it? And as you begin to dissect the intentions of each action you’re taking, you might just find that you need to think a bit more and dive a bit deeper.

The dreams you so deeply desire will not come to be without some reflection. Let’s begin to unravel your dreams and get really granular about how YOU can start to bridge that chasm between where you are today and where you desire to be.

"The only thing worse than starting something and failing... is not starting something." -Seth Godin.